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DataCamp Python Projects

From Cholera to Kardashians

Here is a link to some of the various projects I’ve done with DataCamp. These are guided projects with a variety of topics, with some of my favorites being, extracting stock sentiment from the news, predicting honey bees from bumble bees from images using deep learning, the discovery of the importance of handwashing, and recreating John Snow’s map of the Cholera outbreak in London 1854.

DataCamp Python Projects

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My First Jupyter Notebook!, and some code for Excel users

This is my first Jupyter Notebook, and I thought I’d do something very basic. Some very simple tools to help someone start using pandas DataFrames with Excel files. The file is a very, very, abbreviated Excel file of geochem data (some trace elements), from Nancy Normore. The data is a few samples of breccias from the Flin Flon area, with 5 trace elements, fragment types(mafic or felsic), areas, and UTMs. This data is purposefully a little messy (EDA is important), and I plan to do some demonstrations on how to clean data in Python in the future using this same dataset. If you know some basic Python skills (e.g. for loops, while, if statements), you’ll probably start to see some ways to streamline your workflow.

And just as I was finishing this, DataCamp posted a webinar on the same subject. I love their stuff and highly suggest a subscription as intermediate level training.

With all that said I’m going to have to switch gears on subject matter here, as I have a Networks class to finish. However, if you’re curious about how to do something, feel free to ask! I may have a solution for you, or at least be able to find one.

The notebook you will want to open is PyForExcel.ipynb

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